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Pablo Corral Vega has been a National Geographic photojournalist since 1995, whose work has been published in international editions of National Geographic, National Geographic traveller, Smithsonian Magazine and the New York Sunday Times.

Vega is the Founder and Director of, the network of Latin American photojournalists and is the Co-Director of ‘Pictures of The Year’ Latin America. He is frequently requested to judge Global Photography competitions including World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year. His own work has been exhibited across the globe.

Vega’s work focuses around the human spirit. Reflecting this in his photography, he has published a variety of books about the indigenous populations from the mountain plateaus of the Ecuadorian Andes to the deep valleys of Romania - their struggles, traditions and ways of life.

Pablo has a deeply profound admiration for Nelson Mandela, not only as a man but as a politician; one which has developed through a lifelong passion to oppose political oppression in Latin America. Being able to retrace Mandela’s steps meant that Pablo was able to grow closer to the man he admired.

Statues and sites throughout South Africa celebrate Mandela’s life and his achievements, and have drawn thousands of Global visitors. From his birth place in the Eastern Cape, to the Gauteng Province, KwaZulu-Natal and down to the Western Cape visitors can follow the life journey and memorials that celebrate this great leader.

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