Plan Your Journey

Graduating with a degree in Marine Biology, and working as an aquarist at SeaWorld in Florida, Heather Perry has always had a passion for places surrounded by water.

After studying at the Brooks Institute of Photography Heather started her photo career and has built an extensive portfolio of underwater and surface images, as well as aerials and environmental portraits.

Her projects have included California's kelp forests, Micronesia, the Galápagos, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Maine. Having worked with National Geographic since 2004, Heather's fascination with water drew her to Cape Town - a unique city surrounded by both mountains and ocean.

Boasting beautiful beaches and the stunning ‘Table Mountain’ at its heart, Cape Town is a city of outstanding natural beauty.

With its unusually rich biodiversity and an estimated 2,200 species, Table Mountain has become one of the new 7 wonders of Nature, and it is an increasingly popular visitor experience to view the topography of the city from the top of the mountain.

Individuality, creativity and style can been seen everywhere in this city; through the architecture, local crafts, food, markets and music. As a key hub of design and creativity it is no wonder Cape Town has been announced as the ‘World Design Capital’ of 2014.

National Geographic Photographer Heather Perry feels immediately at home immersing herself in this warm, welcoming vibrant city.